Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Victor Foxtrot

The Virtual Factory is a social interloctutor  which facilitates access between creative  types and those who love art, bypassing the monoliths of mainstream media by causing interference and stirring passion. This is the raw bleeding edge of art.

Films. interviews, installations, events, publishing and producing, The Virtual Factory borrows heavily from Andy Warhol 's iconic NYC Factory. from The Velvet  Underground of Lou Reed to Edie Sedgewick, interact and invent, watch the new become the established and contemporary icons brought up from the ashes. Embrace the uprising and shirk the new Culture of Poverty , away from the shiny, gold plated art emporia of  Bond Street and Madison Avenue. Art is of the streets, not possessed by PR punters, pushing a movement called the Emperors' New Clothes.

Be a part of happening. And listen to this.

"Je brancherai le camera et je ne serai meme pas la."

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