Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cherchez la muse

'Tis a complicated business, this whole muse - artist relationship-business.
Yasmin and Nick Byfield Ward

Generally the muse is at her happiest when left to fly free, like fairy dust, bringing creative magic, flitting through her day, spreading light and joy. So whatever happened to renowned sculptor, Jonathan Wylder, which caused his self-confessed  "fall from grace" doesn't matter.  What matters is the chance meeting with Yasmin le Bon, fashion and style icon, yummy mummy exemplar of west London and west Hollywood  which freed them both up from any self-imposed restraints and inspired Jonathan to return to his work as a serious contemporary artist.

The muse hasn't seen the final bronze sculpture yet,  it is to be unveiled at a private viewing tonight and  she is rather nervous. But Jonathan cites gracefully,
"This statue of Yasmin is the most inspirational work I have ever done."
Beauty reflected

Yasmin  (c) Chris Bissel
Yasmin, Bronze by Jonathan Wydler
Jonathan Wylder, definitively restored to grace and Nick Byfield Ward

Anton (c) Chris Bissel
Also in the exhibition at Jonathan Wylder's, 87 St James' Street, London  which runs until December 4th, are works by Chris Bissel, society and fashion snapper, whose photographs are like intimate essays into the character of his subjects, whether it's a picture for a high luxe fashion campaign or a candid portrait of a modern day robber baron, Bankster.  He creates compositions which invite the viewer to enter into the story behind the picture, intertwining both in its poetic narrative.  

The question remains: can the artist enslave the muse, make her earthbound, not ethereal, clip her wings, steal her soul in bronze or a freeze frame photographic moment and make paintbrushes from her eyelashes? Do both die a little and learn a lot from the process?

Cherchez la muse.  

Post Script
The sculpture is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s,  Jonathan and Chris made charming hosts and the paparazzi feasted like hungry sharks in a fish tank with the glamour Yasmin and crowd exuded.  Chris' pictures of Jonathan and Yasmin in his studio are spontaneous and capture her in all her natural beauty and uncover the  intimacy between the artist and the muse.  Jonathan Wylder will be sculpting and painting live everyday till December 4th in his studio, in the gallery on St James' Street. Don't miss one of the most fascinating, successful multi-media  collaborations of modern art to hit London for years.
Yasmin  by Jonathan Wylder, (c) Chris Bissell

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