Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Magic Box

TOP SECRET          

Some secrets are worth returning, by our secret correspondent inside the Kingdom

This Tibetan Prayer box  or ghau, was hung around the neck of the largest Buddha statue in Tibet and was taken from the monastry by a monk. Up to today, the place around the neck of the remains empty as this box is irreplaceable. They are worn as personal pieces of religious jewelry. It might have contained a scroll,  inscribed with a special mantra, a prayer or blessing and often carries special herbs or talismans to offer protection.  It is worn close to the heart, on a string. 

This piece dates back to the 2nd century and is made of gold, coral, turquoise and other magic stones. This box has been blessed with special secrets and has been known to give protection and good fortune to the holder of the box.

You will never see another piece like this in the world.
 Top secret negotiations are under way to return this incredible piece of sacred art to the Tibetans.


  1. That is so cool ... FD you are a star!

  2. NOT FD...the secret correspondent within the Kingdom.