Saturday, 5 March 2011

Adam and Epstein shakin' it all about....

Modern British Sculpture at the Royal Academy, definitely worth a look-see, however do not under pain of death or torture or four more years of Nick Clegg read the nonsensical art speak on the exhibition's walls.
Drivel. Some jumped up  art student intern trying to impress...someone else. And failing spectacularly.

Describing Epstein's monumental Adam, of the flaying cock and awe-some girth with the self-consciously silly words "still has the power to embarrass," the only thing embarrassing was the whiny, wheezy text, typical "lest thou be shocked"  worth of an Old Testament morality tale. No, actually even Jehovah did modesty better.

Bask bask in the monolithic glory of Adam as the original man with the power-tool and be moved by the way Epstein captures nature and monumental force out of a hulk of alabaster. It's an encounter with our own essence, not a moment for "shame" or an act of withdrawal. I asked my friend, a nearly fifty year old artist if he felt "embarrassed" by the sculpture and he confirmed he didn't. Its power draws you in, there's something vastly majestic,  earthly embracing and sexual about it, something you want to move towards, anti-repulsive. Unlike Damien Hirst's fly-traps of rotten barbecue and whatever else.  

Very impressive, in spite of the usual tat from Damien Hirst and even with the fateful omission of Kapoor and Gormley. Who cares, the greats ( and some dubious others) are included.

Till April 7 2011.

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