Saturday, 6 November 2010

Chanel as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, musings by a poet / eco-activist, Remy C

"We'll deliver your message"
Slow and steady, with laser precision
Chanel is one of the most counterfeited trademark in the world. There are more phony bottles of Chanel perfume and Chanel shirts sold in the Middle East and Asia  than any other Western symbol. It's weird isn't it, how Coco Chanel, a little woman who started out making jewelry in Normandy could unleash such a frenzy.
Over ten years ago Remy C. attended an air show at Sikorsky Helicopters in Stratford, CT. The cruise missile had a booth. On display was its solid synthetic fuel core, a translucent yellowish cylinder about 3 feet long and 6 inches wide, that looked and felt (Remy poked his finger in it) just like rubber Jello. Remy asked what the range of the missile was. They told him 3000 miles. Remy replied in amazement: "3000 miles on this? Why aren't we using it for cars?" Needless to say they don't display long range cruise missile fuel cores at military air shows anymore...
Wang Du's Chinese Military Cat Walk
(courtesy Deitch Projects)
Antonio Riello's Ladies Weapons

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