Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Touched, a survivor's story

Chris Wittwer, children's champion, tells his story.

For a link to Touched please  click the link here

Bypassing media-monoliths who hijack our-story to make it his-story , shaking off the Associated (Misanthropic) Press'  world view and kicking The Scum back into the long grass, speaking out for the abused and the damaged and giving a voice to those stifled by global, institutionalized paedophilia. Suffer not the children. Mainstream is lamestream. Chris is a Children's Champion and doesn't need any  corrupted awards to prove it.

Get a grip, get angry, take a stance, don't tell me what he was or what he did. Tell me what you are doing about it today.

That's who WE are. Who are YOU?

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