Monday, 8 November 2010

Reality is a Concensus

Guest blog by archangel, eco-warrior, writer, poet Remy C  (Part 1 of 2)

Improvements in battery technology are being controlled. China may break out of the pack, but the evolving chemistry is being developed in US labs, the best Chinese minds come to America to go to school, economic constraints are geared to protect established protocols and  prevent the immediate adoption of innovative techniques. Patents languish. There’s momentum to create governmental, corporate and institutional alliances to bypass the road blocks, through the UN and a new generation of companies run by more enlightened CEOs. But they’re still up against the military-industrial complex and the coal-oil-nuke triumvirate. We   need a defining moment in how the general public views the quest for more improved forms of energy generation and storage, it still has not happened, it’s still not a priority, and it won’t ever be as long as the issue itself, the research, the introduction into the marketplace, is controlled by the utilities themselves.

That’s why the Indian Point nuclear power plant is so important, 30 miles from
Manhattan, because a win against that plant, a shutdown, would redefine the entire relationship between utilities and rate payers and send a clear message that the public cares about where their power comes from. It would put environmentalists in charge of the process, rather than always playing catch up and damage control after the fact. Obama gave false promise, because he gave the impression of someone who cared, and maybe he does, but he keeps caving in, other than his wife’s victory garden, and half a billion for Tesla Motors, there’s not much going on. He should have never allowed Van Jones to quit. That torpedoed the entire green jobs program.

It’s cool that documentary Johnny Knoxville did about
Detroit. There’s so much potential, so many empty buildings, so much history… but US labs, in league with Globalists trickle down innovative technologies to foreign countries, rather than invite a new wave of industry to take flight in America, as if they’re afraid we’re going to touch on something they don’t want the world to know about, and yeah, that’s what happens when you bury your talents  and hide your best assets in wait for some new war that might never happen. The black budgets have horded so much good stuff, we are going to need a massive investigative effort now to track down everything, because many inventions and discoveries only surface once or twice in a human mind, and if it’s not capitalized on immediately, in a public setting, it withers on the vine.

The more I look into the atomic powered aircraft programs of the 50s, the more evident it becomes that they never stopped developing them, they just went black, because that was the only way to shut up the opposition from the anti-nuclear movement. Now we probably have an entire armada of nuclear powered aircraft which they will never ‘fess up to, because it’s a military ace in the hole, and the revelation would be so scandalous, we’d never hear the end of it. But it’s all there in
Atomic City Idaho, and the astronauts, the guys who spent a stretch as test pilots, know the truth.

Also the more I learn about radioactive elements, and the more I realize we screwed up royally by enriching uranium. There was no need to do that for a civilian nuclear generated electricity program,  all the radioactive heat is used for, is to boil water for a steam turbine, we could have done that with radioactive elements a lot less toxic, but they needed a pretext to enrich uranium for bombs, and so thorium, and other alternatives, were dismissed by hawks who pushed physicists away and imposed their will. This has been going on ever since. We need a complete re-writing and education about nuclear energy, a new debate, but first, we can’t possibly do this, without the truth coming out, about the cover-up that’s been going on since the Atomic Energy Act 1946 and the National Secrecy Act  1947. The entire creation of the CIA is wrapped around a need to preserve not just atomic energy secrets, but ALL energy conversion technology, including the electricity generated by the human anatomy, what we call charisma, which can be registered by electronic metering devices. 

Abandoned gas station, Atomic City, Idaho

Different humans have different radiation levels, and it’s in that secret that lies the secret of everything really, what they call biocentrism in physics now. This whole business about we create our own reality is BS, because there’s cause and effect to everything, and we’re all subject to resistance from someone’s else will and vision of what their own reality should be like. We’re all competing for psychic space. But at least in that knowledge, we now know that there is indeed no difference between what we experience as reality and the generation of matter, it’s a feedback loop mechanism, where the consciousness of all living things expressing a life force actualize reality around them,  reality unfolds from our experience of it, and vice versa… to end up creating the reality we experience now. Like Robin Williams once said, reality is a consensus. 

Part 2 of this article is here

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  1. Petroleum has been and continues to be the fuel of choice. Why? Because the "Barriers To Entry" are high. Meaning, its difficult for Joe Sixpack to get into the petroleum business. It requires billions to do so, which keeps all but a handful out.

    As for gas mileage, the REAL conspiracy has little to do with Big Oil or Big Auto. The TRUTH of low gas mileage is the FACT that governments tax gasoline.

    Its not evil to tax gasoline and these taxes are used to build and maintain roads, bridges, etc. However, if gas is taxed at US$.50/gallon (such as in Illinois), the government saw a massive INCREASE of taxes when Americans moved from cars to SUV's. When consumers switch from 30 mpg to 20 mpg auto, the government received a huge increase in taxes collected.
    As for the real problem... innovators need to have funding. However, the bankers are the ones who provide funding. Bankers like things the way they are. Ditto for government. Therefore, things will continue as they both profit much more from waste than higher efficiency.