Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Surfing the Tsunami (Part 2) by Remy C

  Part 1 of this article is here 

Different humans have different radiation levels, and  therein lies the secret everything, what they call biocentrism in physics now. This whole business about we create our own reality is BS, because there’s cause and effect to everything, and we’re all subject to resistance from someone’s else will and vision of what their own reality should be like. We’re all competing for psychic space. But at least with this knowledge we accept that there is indeed no difference between what we experience as reality and the generation of matter, it’s a feedback loop mechanism, where the consciousness of all living things expressing a life force actualize reality around them,  reality unfolds from our experience of it, and vice versa, to end up creating the reality we experience now. Like Robin Williams once said, reality is a consensus.

The grand mistake of the Nazi party was to think that they could elevate the planet’s consciousness by triage and by force. They took a partial understanding of  Gurdjieff’s teachings which he introduced to the west in the 20’s, along with Madame Blavasky’s perversions of them, and went off halfcocked and half baked, with once again, all these industrial interests at stake, captains of industry terrified of Germany’s sudden rise in technology, the brain drain of scientists to the west, the confusion with race, creed and religion, only to regroup the remnants of the Gestapo with a Catholic CIA, thousands of so-called war criminals escaping to South America and South Africa to end their days. Then the creation of a dark secret society with at its disposal the infinite resources of the Federal Reserve Bank which owns 2 cents on every dollars it prints!

The evolution of consciousness on this planet, is as it has always been, as it was during the Inquisition, has been held back  by criminals who favor gold over sky and grass. Interesting how this scenario plays itself out at the Stone Barns, a farm that was forced into becoming organic by regional pressures and is owned by a man, David Rockefeller, who never cared a day for anything that wasn’t man-made, and who imposed his vision of wealth on the masses by establishing himself as a liaison between all the world’s great secret societies. A man who throughout the entire length of World War 2, played all sides against the middle with the Dulles brothers and the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, now also representing Bill Gates. Gurdjieff gave them a neutral ground parlor during the war years in
Paris. The birth pangs of this modernization of the understanding of our relationship with the universe has been bloody.

Knowledge once secret, only obtainable through contact with shamans and religious leaders, is now spread for all to see all over the Internet, available in thousands of books on the body mind connection. It doesn’t help us, other than to understand the butterfly effect. The legacy of nuclear secrecy has led us to this gauntlet and to the unnecessary destruction of our environment. It’s all there, but we have to ask the right questions, from the right people. It’s either we sink this entire planet into nuclear desolation, or we gravitate to the next level, and look beyond this planet as a means of expansion. We can’t do it without the technology, and we won’t get the technology unless we go out and get it from them, because they live in a trillion dollar black budget universe from which they don’t need to part away from, or share with the masses, because they fear the consequences of full disclosure.

But the secret is already out, it just hasn’t been reflected in the mainstream media, the only guys out there making a state case out of it are Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura. Tea Party Goers are experiencing glimpses of all this, but don’t know enough,  they don’t have the depth of history, they don’t have their facts straight, nobody does. They used the Republican Party to slip into the public debate because Democrats were too much the one party system of the status quo, while the Republicans were in total disarray. Nobody can understand the coming political landscape without understanding the language of conspiracy theorists. Mainstream politicians, who dismissed and didn’t pay attention, have been   blindsided by the revolution in discourse that guys like Ron Paul introduced into the picture. Sarah Palin is just a media phenomena, she latched on to a momentum and branded it as a her own. One conversation I’d like to witness is Sarah Palin and Naomi Wolf:


by Remy Chevalier

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